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"After 45 years of hunting and fishing I can say Blue Sky Labs has delivered on their promise of a "Hunting Machine." Stormy has turned out to be not just a top dog in the field - there is no quit in her - but also a wonderful companion who goes everywhere with me. It was a pleasure doing business with Gregg - well worth the trip - one I'd gladly take again."
Jim Sexton
Charlettsvill, VA

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"Gregg, we wanted to drop you a note and tell you what an outstanding dog Zoe has become. These past 8 months have been a joy. Zoe is highly intelligent, loyal and deeply devoted. Although she has not had any official hunt training as of yet, she takes initiative when it comes to retrieving and flushing birds. She is a powerful, substantial athlete. We could not have asked for a better companion. We have recommended Blue Sky Labradors to several of our friends and will continue to do so."
Phil & Lori Reuben
Lansing, MI

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"I have been a retriever and hunt test live bird gunner for more years than I can remember. I have admired Gregg Mourges' line of labs as they always seemed to be competitive. His dogs were very strong "markers" and they showed an intelligence and eagerness to please that impressed me. So when I decided to buy a pup to compete in the Hunt Tests, it was an easy choice for me to call Gregg. My Blue Sky Jenny has become a Master Hunter and a Master National Hunter. She has passed the last 11 weekend Master Stakes she has entered. She has also successfully passed the '05 Master Nationals in Palestine, TX and the '06 Master National in Morgan Hill, CA. I couldn't be happier with Jenny and I whole heartedly recommend and endorse Gregg Mourges' Blue Sky Labs."
Don Aker
Seattle, WA

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"We decided to get a puppy from Blue Sky Labs because our son had gotten one from Gregg and we fell in love while babysitting Gus. Our puppy, Lucy, is 9 months and she has been a delight. My husband has been impressed with her natural instinct to hunt and her nose. He hunted birds and ducks with her this fall along with her cousin Gus. She was eager, retrieved and was quick to learn. We couldn't be happier with Lucy and enjoyed working with Greg and Linda and appreciate their dedication to breeding good dogs."
Linda Beeb
Winthrop, WA


"When my wife finally gave me the 'green light' to get a puppy I knew the only place to turn was Blue Sky Labs. I had seen Gregg's dogs at the Ducks Unlimited event in Seattle and been down to his place a number of times. I was instantly impressed with the quality and performance of all the dogs I watched perform. We have had Ginger for about a year and a half now. She is incredibly powerful when working in the field - she NEVER wants to quit retrieving - but at the same time is as gentle as can be. My wife and daughter had to get a little 'lap dog' (a chihuahua of all things!) after I got my hunting machine and I am always impressed with how gentle Ginger is with the little buzz saw nipping at her all day long. You won't find a better all around dog than a Blue Sky Lab."
Eric Grimstead
Bellingham, WA